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We specialize in providing LCVs, Open Trucks, Container vehicles, Trailors and Platforms

Full Truck Load (FTL) services is a strong hold of ours and forms part of the core offerings at ALO Logistics, including end to end multi-modal transportation with loading/unloading services catered for bulk goods movement on pan-India basis.

Options include customized or specialized fleet for meeting customers’ specific requirement. As a Full Truck Load service provider, we assess your individual business needs to match with a carrier that can accommodate your consignment deadline in a most cost-effective way possible. We also understand central and state laws and requirements at transit check points for seamless movement.

Benefits of FTL Service

Cost Savings – Based on the exact type of goods, there could be a cost-saving factor associated with FTL shipping. Instead of a shipment’s classification, pricing is based on the lanes and miles traveled. That means that if your shipment were scheduled for a high-volume destination, you would pay less than if your goods were going to a different location.

Convenience – A full truck load generally will have single pickup and drop-off point. But this could be altered as per customer requirement. Multiple pickups or drop points could be arranged as per need.

Speed – If you need goods to be moved quickly, our FTL service is ideal, since it is a faster shipping method compared to LTL.

Less Risk – With a full truckload, your goods are not handled during transport. Thus, any risk of mishandling or damage to the cargo decreases significantly.

Our Full Truck Load Services Include

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