Tech Enabled Warehousing & Enhanced Inventory Visibility for a Leading D2C Brand

Problem Statement

A leading D2C brand with a growing e-commerce business was looking for a scalable and tech-enabled warehousing solution that could support their increasing volume of orders and provide smart measures around inventory movement and aging. They were struggling with their existing manual solution, which lacked visibility into aging inventory and was a bottleneck in fulfilling orders on time.

Challenges Faced

The client was facing several challenges in their supply chain operations, including:

Solution Provided

ALO logistics, a leading supply chain partner, was chosen to provide a comprehensive and tech-enabled warehousing solution.

ALO logistic’s solution included:

Results Achieved

ALO logistics ’s tech-enabled warehousing solution helped the client achieve the following results:


ALO logistic ’s tech-enabled warehousing solution helped the client overcome their supply chain challenges and achieve better visibility, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. By implementing a scan-based solution with enhanced inventory visibility and a FIFO system, We enabled the client to manage their inventory movement efficiently and fulfill orders on time, leading to increased revenue and reduced costs.

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